New Release!

Starting with this release, releases will mostly be made near the beginning of the month instead of near the end. The public releases will continue to follow the Patreon releases by a few days.

This release doesn't continue the male or female story, it contains changes to the game itself. I have cleaned the code to be able to return to the main menu when the ESCape key is pressed instead of exiting the game and to be able to add an unlocked sex scenes menu. It will make it possible to eventually have a Load and Save game menu so you will be able to keep more than one save per story. The cleaning also means that the previous saved games won't work anymore but I have included saved game files so you won't have to restart the stories. You just have to copy the files from the SavedGames folder over your saved game files. The Extras.bin files unlocks all the current sex scenes.

When playing the game you will now see a little heart in the bottom left corner of the screen. When the heart contains a '+' you can click it to add the current image to a list of favorite images. The image will be removed from your favorites when you click on the heart that shows a '-'. You can access your favorite images from the Extras menu. You can also play them as a slideshow with a custom delay between each image.

Here are all the changes for this release:

- Code cleanup
- Reorganized menus
- Save game file format has been modified
- Included Saved Games and unlocked scenes files
- Added Unlocked Sex Scenes, Favorites with slideshow, Random Stuff & Credits in the Extras section
- Image will now remain Full screen or Fully visible when resuming a game
- ESC key now returns to the previous menu (or exits the game from the main menu)
- You will be returned to the main menu after you've reached an ending

Files 143 MB
May 09, 2017 158 MB
May 09, 2017 157 MB
May 09, 2017

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